Roero Arneis

Label white wine Roero Arneis Achille Viglione

It is a native wine in Piedmont, from a careful selection of grapes in the vineyards arneis more exposed hills of Roero.

The name “Roero” indicates the production area, the name “Arneis” the vineyards. How was the name Arneis born? The famous Italian journalist Mario Soldati, in 1960, met a winegrower and tasting this white wine kindly offered, asked for its name. The winegrower answered that it has not a name yet. Soldati asked what is the stuff in his hands and the winegrower reply: “l’arneis” (which means the working tool in piedmont dialect), so the journalist says: “This wine will be called Arneis”.

13,5 % by vol.

Green color intense straw, nose has great intensity and persistence, is thin delicate fresh fragrance, it recognizes a persuasive hint of green apple combined with light peach and exotic fruits. The taste is elegant, imperious, fresh, has excellent fabric and backbone and race, is savory blunt with aromatic persistence.

At a temperature of 8° – 10°.

It goes well with all the dishes based on fish and even poultry. Also great for appetizers.

It ‘a wine to be drunk young but not too much, it remains perfectly intact its best features 2 or 3 years.