Barolo | Durè

Label red wine Barolo Durè Achille Viglione

Comes from a careful selection of Nebbiolo grapes in different areas, the sunniest. Carefully selected in Serralunga d’Alba where were possessions of  King Vittorio Emanuele.

Three and a half years in Slavonian oak casks, followed by refining in the bottle.

14 % by vol.

A highly intense, persistent bouquet which is ethereal and very pronounced, with clear overtones of withered roses, small fruit, and a touch of tar combined with underbrush. Full, dry, austere flavour, with body, breeding, strong tannins and a good aromatic finish; a rigorous, flawless wine with plenty of personality.

Barolo must be served “chambré”: i.e. brought up to room temperature at least 24 hours beforehand. Decant or open the bottle 2 hours before serving at a temperature of 18-20°C.

Known as the king of wines and the wine of kings, Barolo demands the chance to meditate to allow its great qualities and compound aromas to be discovered slowly. Its place of honour is assured with braised beef, hare, chamois, truffle-flavoured pheasant, turkey and very mature cheeses.

Has no time limits. It should be stored in a cool, dark place at a constant temperature, lying down so that there is no air between the cork and the wine, and the cork remains soft and unaffected by any bacteria forming in the air in the bottle.